Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order for your pouches and bags?

The minimum order for pouches and bags is 50,000

Can pouches be created to reflect my brand?

Absolutely – our pouches and bags can be plain or printed up to 10 colours.

Are your pouches and bags environmentally-friendly?

Some, if they are manufactured from LDPE.

Why can’t I just buy pouches from you ‘off-the-shelf’? Why does it have to be bespoke designed?

Every design is exclusive to a particular product and to meet every individual need for size, weight, storage, temperature, contents and packaging machinery available. It is important to consider each of these factors carefully to ensure the quality of the finished product is high and any waste is reduced.

What sort of factory environment do I need to have the machinery?

Our machinery is suitable for most factory environments, and we offer a stainless steel option for food manufacturing environments.

Are there restrictions on the storage conditions?

To prevent possible deterioration, we recommend that this product is used within 6 months of delivery, and stored out of direct sunlight at 15° to 25°C and 35 – 50% relative humidity.

Can the pouches and bags be used to hold products with aggressive liquors?

Yes, we are able to manufacture pouches which are suitable for holding aggressive liquors.

What is the maximum weight the pouches can hold?

The maximum weight is 5kg.

What is the maximum size of the pouches?

The maximum sizes for laminate pouches are 400mm repeat x 600mm and for our LDPE bags it’s 400mm repeat x 700mm.

What are the costs of the machinery?

Costs of the machinery may vary depending on individual an organisation’s individual needs. After discussing your requirements we can provide an obligation-free quote.

What are the costs of the pouches?

The costs of the pouches varies and is dependent on a number of things – material, size, thickness, whether it is printed, what seal it has, what weight of product will be in the pouch, the use of the pouch and who the end user of the pouch is.

Can I buy the machinery second hand?

Occasionally machinery is available to purchase second hand. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Can you provide anti-misting packaging solutions?

Yes, we can. These are particularly good for fresh produce and herbs, for example.

How do you evaluate quality at Supreme?

We have stringent quality checks in place, checking every box that is produced on our production lines. We also use films from one of the very best film manufacturers in the UK, so our products are of high quality. Checks are completed by our staff team, so there is that “human” element of quality checking.

I’m a start-up business – will you work with me?

Of course! We do have a 50,000 bag minimum order, but we are happy to work with all businesses.