Our Pouch-Filling & Packaging Systems

Supreme Plastics holds the exclusive rights to distribute Pronova pouch packaging machines in the UK and Ireland. Our Joker pouches and bags are designed to work with these high-quality systems and our team are expert in the set-up, running and maintenance of them, giving our customers peace of mind.

Pronova pouch packaging machines, bags and pouches are designed to offer complete packaging solutions to companies looking for low-cost alternatives to form fill-seal.

The machines open, fill and seal pre-formed pouches that are linked together as a continuous chain of pouches. The chain runs along two opening rails that without moving parts open up and support the pouches. The unique designs of the pouches and the opening rails enable many pouches at a time to be perfectly opened at the point of filling.

Our standard range of machines cover most industries and include machines for horizontal filling and stainless steel machines.

The flexibility that comes with the unique design of our system enables us to offer creative bag packaging solutions based on our customers’ needs. This incorporates manual, semi or fully automated packaging lines.

We also have machines for horizontal filling, ideal for products that need extra careful handling or for products that needs to be positioned in a certain way.