Who we can help

Who uses our products?

Our bespoke packaging solutions including semi-automated packaging systems and individually-designed pouches are ideal for SMEs and start-ups in a range of sectors. 

We are ideally placed to help those organisations who are currently hand-packaging and who want to move to a semi-automated solution to speed up their processes as well as reduce costs and waste.

Our standard range of machines can be used in most industries and includes machines for horizontal filling as well as stainless steel machines.

The flexibility that comes with the unique design of our system enables us to offer creative pouch packaging solutions based on our customers’ needs and incorporates manual, semi or fully automated packaging lines.

We also have machines for horizontal filling, ideal for products that need extra careful handling or for products that needs to be positioned in a certain way.

Healthcare – our pouches and supporting machinery are ideal for healthcare product manufacturers including dental, hygiene and pharmaceutical businesses. 

Pet food – the range of pouches created by Supreme are ideally suited for pet food with our stand up pouches being both practical for the consumer, but also for display on shelves. The flexibility in size, colour and material means they are on-brand, eye-catching and usable.

Food – we work with a range of food manufacturers including bakeries, herb and spice distributers who use a variety of our packaging solutions and machinery to ensure freshness, hygiene and on-brand packaging for their product. Our stand-up Joker pouches are ideal for manufacturers of granola, fresh fruit segments and many others. We have also worked with fresh meat producers.

Wet wipe manufacturers: Our pouches provide an ideal solution for wet wipe manufacturers including cosmetic, healthcare, domestic, commercial and industrial wipes, including specialist wipes as used in the aeronautics industry. We offer plain and printed pouches and can offer plain and printed labels on the pouch.

Aeronautics: We have worked extensively with customers across the aeronautical sector to create packaging solutions which meet their individual needs including pouches for wipes.

Trades – Our conventional Joker pouches are ideal for larger scale trades organisations such as nationwide plumbing, electrician or joinery services, who require individually packaged parts to be distributed from their warehouses to tradesmen working “on the ground”. 

Household and Cleaning – many of our Joker pouches and packaging options are perfect for soap powders, dishwasher tablets or other household cleaning materials. 

General Manufacturing – From cosmetic sponges to tealights, insoles for shoes to herbs – our pouches can provide a packaging solution. We have also provided packaging for facemasks.