Our Process

What we do

We work individually with clients to ensure their packaging solution exactly meets their needs, saving on waste and keeping costs down.

When developing a solution, we take a number of factors into careful consideration. What material does the pouch need to be, for example? Where will it be stored? What will be inside it? What weight does it need to hold? What seal does it need to have? Does it need to meet any statutory or other requirements to make it fit for purpose? Will it be printed? Who is the end customer or user?

Stage 1- Consultancy

Our clients come to us with an idea, product or problem – ideally we need a sample of the product to be packaged to ensure we can provide the right kind of packaging solution to meet your needs. 

We’ll consider everything from weight and size, consistency, whether it the pouch needs to be resealable, disposable, the temperature it will be stored at, where it will be stored or displayed and who the end customer is. All of those things will determine the ideas and solutions we offer.

Stage 2 – Environment Scanning

We will work with you to evaluate what others in your sector do and what we can learn from that. We will also look closely at your current packaging processes to ensure the process we put into place for you is suitable, efficient and cost effective.

Stage 3 – Testing and Compatibility

We can, in partnership with our customers and when it is needed, can carry out packaging tests to confirm suitability to make sure they are compatible for your product or needs and their end use. 

Stage 4 – Choosing the pouch and design

This is the exciting phase! We work with you to design a pouch or bag which exactly meets your needs, represents your brand and works for your product. Each pouch is designed in a bespoke way and no two of our pouches are the same for different clients. The finished pouch will fit your product exactly, reducing waste. When required, they will be recyclable or reusable, can be plain or printed up to 10 colours and affordable. We use every part of our 45 years’ of experience to ensure the pouch we create for you is high quality and exactly right for its purpose.

Stage 5 – Installation 

Our highly experienced and qualified engineering teams will work with your in-house teams to install the Pronova pouch packaging machines which are designed to offer complete packaging solutions to companies looking for low-cost alternatives to form fill-seal.

The Pronova machines open, fill and seal pre-formed bags and pouches (bespoke created for you and your product) which are linked together as a continuous chain. 

The chain of pouches runs along two opening rails that, without moving parts, open up and support the pouches. The unique designs of the pouches and the opening rails let many pouches at a time to be perfectly opened at the point of filling – taking your packaging to the next level while saving time and costs.

Stage 6 – Training and learning

After we’ve installed the machinery you need to take your packaging processes to the next level, we’ll work with your team to evaluate their skills and provide any training needed. We can be on hand to support, troubleshoot and evaluate on an on-going basis.